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Our attorneys Mihaela DOBRE

“Excellency in advocacy is reached when knowledge and wisdom join together in the most perfect way and, as one, engage for the same purpose.”

I am founder and partner of Maxim & Partners Consulting and Law LLC, possessing a legal experience in the field of company and corporate law, property and labor law of more than 13 years.

I have enriched my training by post-graduation studies within Bucharest Law Faculty and have achieved a professional level of mediation techniques with mediation courses organized by Pro Medierea Association .

As litigator, I have pleaded and sustained my clients in cases arguing rights and obligations deriving from civil/ corporate/company/ property and/or labor rapports.

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Attorney at Law – Senior Partner

Email: mihaela.dobre@maximpartners.ro

Phone: +4031 438 26 91

Georgiana MAXIM

The guiding principle in my profession goes as: ”I treat my client exactly as I expect my attorney to treat me. I trust that lawyership awards responsible and reasonable people”.

SI am founder & partner of Maxim & Partners LLC with an extended legal expertise of more than 13 years. I have graduated tertiary education studies on UE law and I am founder – member of the International Association for Civil Law and General Secretary of the Young Jurists of Romania

As litigator, ever since I have joined the profession, I have achieved significant success in specific areas of law. I’m proud to have obtained the first Court ruling in Romania to award damages in kind to my clients, pursuing the provisions of Law 290/2003 on awarding damages and benefits to Romanian citizens for sequestered, confiscated or remaining in Basarabia, North Bucovina and Herta County property rights, due to the state of war and application of the Treaty for Peace between Romania and Allied & Associated Powers, signed in Paris on February 10th 1947.


Attorney at Law – Senior Partner

Email: georgiana.maxim@maximpartners.ro

Phone: +4031 438 26 91

Daniel ENE

“As for the justice and truth, I find it less important to divide the topics into big or small ones, and that is why I approach my clients’ cases with the same consideration and concern!”

I am founder and partner of Maxim & Partner, and over the last 14 years, I have developed a strong experience in private law: property and land law, environmental law, public procurement.

As of 2005 I hold a Master’s Degree in Domestic and International Environmental Law, and as of 2010 I hold a PhD diploma in legal studies in the area of public order and national safety developing the theme of environmental security.

I have expertise in public procurement and accessing structural and European Cohesion funds.

As litigator, I have involved into matters related to rights and obligations deriving from property right, family law, as well as employment and commercial law.


Attorney at Law – Senior Partner

Email: daniel.ene@maximpartners.ro

Phone: +4031 438 26 91


“One does not require legal counsel in life too often. There are, however cases where the issue requiers complete, coherent, precise and in due time counsel, so that things don’t get out of hand.”

I’m Ramona Zaharia, Bucharest Bar Attorney and member of Maxim & Partners lawyers team with more than 7 years of practice in the legal field.

As attorney, but mostely as mere human being, I’m fully aware on how things get complicated if not sorted on time or correctly or by asking the right person. That is why, in my acting I strive to give good feedback with every possible case I’m having, being exigent and compassionate at every step.



Attorney at Law

Email: ramona.zaharia@maximpartners.ro

Phone: +4031 438 26 91